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Environment is everything.

I like a good antecedent modification (decrease the likelihood of problem behavior [quitting] by making adjustments to the environment prior to the occurrence of problem behavior) as much as anyone else, so before I started my new exercise routine I thought long and hard about what I could do to my environment to make it […]

Working it out.

I spent the first week of the month trying to get my nutrition on (or close to) point. Was I perfect? No. Do I expect to be? Definitely not. But I planned and I ate healthy meals and I only had take-out twice in two weeks which is a major win for me. I finally […]

Goal setting.

One of the key parts, if not the most important part, of behavior change is setting goals. I didn’t truly know the steps I needed to take because I didn’t know what it was I was working towards. Objective. Measurable. Goals. I’d like to throw in “realistic,” too. Oftentimes I set such high expectations for […]

Getting organized.

I have many qualities of a “Type A” personality (see rigidly organized, impatient, ambitious, and concerned with time management). I also possess some qualities of a “Type B,” like being able to be dismissive of most stress. I try to worry about the things that I am in control of and that are truly relevant, […]


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Hi, I’m Jennifer. My friends and family call me Jen. I’m a wife, fur-mom, breast cancer survivor, and behavior-analyst. I enjoy reading, writing, and no arithmetic. I also like very amateur photography and traveling. Spending time with my favorite people is always a bonus!

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