I think I’ve struggled with making healthy choices my entire life. I was blessed with a fast metabolism and lots of energy from childhood through adolescence. This was a major contributing factor to my desire to eat anything and everything as an adult. I love all kinds of food and I never really got into the habit of regular exercise because my jobs growing up and my hobbies were all fairly stationary.

I first recognized I needed to do some work on myself around fifteen years ago, give or take. I’ve tried so many things over the years, from fad diet one to exercise program 17 to nutritional program 12 to exercise program 49. I’ve seen success with multiple programs and plans, but the common problem always seems to be me. It’s my attitude towards it all and my motivation (or lack thereof).

Since hitting the big four-oh, I’m finally putting my foot down. I’m a board-certified behavior analyst for crying out loud. I specialize in behavior change, yet I can’t change my own behavior? What’s up with that? What is wrong with this picture? I have so many tools and techniques at my disposal and I haven’t ever used them for this purpose…

…until now.

Follow me as I navigate this brand-new area of behavior change – myself!

If you followed me over here from Boobs, Sweat, and Tears… welcome! I’m happy to have you here in this next stage of my life!

Please note that all older posts beyond this one have been imported from my breast cancer blog, Boobs, Sweat, and Tears.

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