Getting organized.

I have many qualities of a “Type A” personality (see rigidly organized, impatient, ambitious, and concerned with time management). I also possess some qualities of a “Type B,” like being able to be dismissive of most stress. I try to worry about the things that I am in control of and that are truly relevant, rather than things that are out of my control and not critical to the big picture. But that’s beside the point…let’s get back to “Type A” and that organization!

Something I discovered about myself is that while I appreciate the assorted trackers that come with nutrition and exercise programs, I want to do my own thing. Well, that’s not entirely new – I’ve always wanted to do my own thing, ha. But in this case, I want to document my successes in my own way. I wasn’t doing well at consistently recording my progress when I had to use multiple trackers, and I couldn’t find a tracker that featured everything I wanted in it. I felt pretty sure I knew what information I wanted to record each day so I purchased an inexpensive journal notebook at Marshalls and made my own.

The benefits of using a journal to record my stats is that I can change it to include or exclude anything I want. This satisfies quite a few “needs” for me, which is very reinforcing. I like organization. I like to write. I like to write in pretty alternating colors. I like the ability to be versatile and change my mind. I like to do what I want. I can go on and on about my own personal reinforcement, but I won’t. Let me tell you what I keep in my tracker (today).

Overall: goals, larger progress chart (I’ll explain this in more detail later)

Weekly: date range, measurements, meal plan, grocery list

Daily: date, weight, mindset, breakfast, lunch, dinner, supplements, exercise, bowel movements, water intake, snacks, plans for day (work, appointments, leisure)

Finding self-management tools that work for you are so crucial in changing your behavior! I encourage my patients to use tools and techniques that they like and they enjoy, why not do the same for myself? It may not seem like a lot, but this has made big changes for me.

You may be wondering why I track my weight on a daily basis. I promise you that a) I have a good relationship with my scale and b) it’s part of the nutrition program I’m following. Daily weigh-ins aren’t for everyone. They weren’t for me in the beginning to be honest, but I’ve learned to use the scale as a tool in my journey, not an enemy. It’s one of the few things I’ve stuck with as I’ve bounced from one program to the next.

Disclaimer: I won’t talk specifically about the nutrition and exercise programs I follow because I’m a firm believer in doing your own research, speaking to your doctor(s), and choosing programs that are the right fit for you. However, if after a while you are interested, reach out via the contact form and we can talk about it. Please note that I am not here to give any specific nutrition or exercise advice, only to share my experiences with my own behavior change related to healthy living, and maybe to share some tips for developing your own healthy habits.

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