Life after C

You guys.

I have an app on my phone called “Microsoft To-Do.” I used to use the regular iPhone “Reminders” app, but when I discovered that the Microsoft app could also be downloaded on my PCs and all sync together, I was sold. I have a point, I promise. Every five days or so, I get a notification that a “blog post” is due. And every five days or so I think to myself, “but I have nothing to say!” So I clear the notification and move on.

I just logged in and looked at my post history…May, April, March, February, February, February, January, etc.

I am so sorry! I know that “no news is good news,” I said that in my last post. But I feel like I’m supposed to be a little motivational and inspirational about how NORMAL life after C is. And maybe the skipped notifications are proof enough of that.

I am on a health and wellness journey, and I DO want to talk about that because health after something as devastating and debilitating as cancer is super important.

So let’s sort of rewind to when my health and wellness journey started. If you’ve been following me a while, you’ll know that last spring, my surgeon told me that in order to have the surgery I wanted to have (flap DIEP), I had to not gain any more weight. That was in March of last year, and that started my journey. I decided that I was not going to gain another pound, and instead lose ALL the pounds. Well, THAT didn’t happen, but I did lose some weight before my surgery.

It was kind of a crazy time to start a health and wellness journey. I was about a month away from having a surgery that would have me out of commission for at least six weeks. I’d develop healthy habits I’d have to somewhat curb for an undetermined amount of time. But I needed to be in the right condition for the surgery, so I did it.

Post-surgery, I had no appetite. I had to practically force myself to eat so I could take my meds, and at that point, I was eating anything I could tolerate. So, unfortunately, I wasn’t eating great. I didn’t get my appetite back for a couple weeks, if I remember correctly. And at that time, I tried to eat as best I could, but with my limited mobility, I was at the mercy of others. I didn’t eat terribly, but I wasn’t on plan and it was disappointing. Fast forward through a long recovery and being unable to exercise, which had me totally miserable in itself, and just eating whatever. Then I had another surgery, it was the holidays, Daisy got sick, etc.

My journey began then a second time. And this time it was a little bit different. I had tried the nutrition plan I used the last time, but I wasn’t seeing the same results and it was frustrating. I talked to my doctors because I was concerned with the visceral fat I now had to get rid of in my abdomen, and they gave me conflicting advice, but I did learn that my problem was that my body is post-menopausal now due to the hormone blockers I am getting. So it was quite possible that I wasn’t seeing results because I was eating too much and my metabolism is slower. So I changed to another nutrition plan, and this one has been amazing! Since the beginning of April, I have lost 10 pounds and a few inches! That’s including a week of vacation with lots of alcohol and not so much exercise.

So I’m still a work in progress, but I’m doing this thing. I also started coaching, and I’ve been helping some pretty amazing women meet their full potential on their health and wellness journeys as well. It has been such a motivating experience and I love this journey that I’m on.

So that’s what my focus here will be, because that’s what my Life After C has been. It’s all about being healthy, both mentally and physically. Hopefully you’ll find some value here.

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  1. Cousin Debbie in NY Avatar
    Cousin Debbie in NY

    Hi Jennifer:

    You’re always in our daily prayers. Happy you’re enjoying your life and doing well. Post when you can, but otherwise don’t worry about us. No news is good news!


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