Cancer is isolating…

I had typed up this long post, then deleted it. I’m all about truth on this blog. Real, raw, truth. But I felt like the post was too “woe is me” when I feel anything BUT that.

The gist of it was that I spent a lot of time during my cancer treatment alone. A lot of time. Brad had to work, he obviously couldn’t stay home with me all the time, so I was alone a lot when I was home sick. I was alone for several of my chemo treatments. I was alone a lot in the hospital, too.

It was what it was.

So in short (very short), when you go through something like this, you find out who your friends are, and I am extremely grateful for the ones I have.

2 responses to “Cancer is isolating…”

  1. Cousin Debbie in NY Avatar
    Cousin Debbie in NY

    Hi Jennifer:

    Speaking from experience, you are alone most of the time when you’re sick. It’s not just with cancer, it’s with any serious illness.

    You do find out who your true friends are which weeds out those you don’t need in your life. You also gain amazing new friends with whom you develop a deep camaraderie as a fellow cancer survivor, even bonding with friends & family of cancer survivors.

    God sends you the gift of strength to do what you have to do when illness comes into your life. The strength can be sent directly to your spirit, from prayers, a loving spouse, family, friends or wonderful doctors and nurses to help you along the way. You used that strength to get well and it has made you stronger.

    So while you felt like you were alone, know that you were never alone. There were lots of people who were “quietly” around you. 😘💜

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    1. 💜 You are so right. And I know there were still people with me who couldn’t physically be with me. I just saw a few pictures and it made me realize that there were often only a couple people around, and it made me think about everything… 😊


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