What sucks lately

Everything has been pretty good and life is moving along nicely, so I figured I’d throw in a few gripes since everything can’t always be sunshine and rainbows and unicorns.

I’m having trouble falling asleep. I fell asleep early last night (by early I mean 10pm) and that may or may not have been a result of Sleepy Time Tea. I was desperate and figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it. So it was either that or the lack of sleep had finally caught up to me.

My feet still hurt, and no, I still haven’t made an appointment with a podiatrist or anything to get them looked at. They still hurt about as much as they’ve been. No better, no worse. It’s pain on top of my feet, not on the bottom.

I really want some yummy seafood. I want to like pig out on it. Seriously.

The gaping hole is annoying. I’m used to it, but that fact that exists bothers me to an extent.

My shoulder hurts. I think I hurt the muscle, like overstretched it in my sleep or something. I should do some of my PT exercises, but I’d rather whine about it than do something about it at this point.

Seriously though, aren’t there stages of annoyance? Like…you get mad. You complain about it. You stay mad. Then you do something about it. Maybe? I don’t know.

Anyway, I can’t remember the reason I started this post. It’s not one of the aforementioned gripes, it was something else, and I lost it. Ugh.

Oh well. I don’t have any appointments on Monday, so my next doctor related update won’t be until the 20th. This upcoming week may be pretty quiet unless I think of something fun to share!


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