I’m home!

When I met with Dr H yesterday, he said if I was still looking good, I’d be able to go home today. When he came by to do rounds today, I was walking the halls, and he cleared me to leave after a shower.

I showered, had lunch, and got some pain meds for the road. Brad packed up all my goodies, and we were off!

The ride home wasn’t bad. Bumps didn’t feel all that great, but Brad was careful. I’m still taking oral pain killers and muscle relaxers. I’m wearing sleep pants, but they’re pulled up above my tummy incision so they don’t rub. I’m probably going to buy some casual shirt dresses since I won’t have to pull them down/up when I use the bathroom. Kohl’s has quite a few, and I’ll try to head that way sometime this week.

What else?

Taking a shower was nice, and the warm water on my sore back felt heavenly. I almost want to take another shower just for that yummy feeling. I do have a heating pad though. My back is sore around the bra line, and it’s definitely from hunching/slouching, which is to be expected considering my tummy skin has been pulled super tight.

Other nuisances include gas, my belly is so full of gas. It has been dissipating, but I’d love for it to just all together disappear.

The drains aren’t really annoying or gross since they’re mostly out of sight inside this camisole from the hospital. It has inside pockets that hold the bulbs. However, where the upper one on my left side goes into my chest hurts more often than any other part of me. It feels totally weird, too, because there’s a tube below my skin. It’s a decent size, too. Bizarre. Can’t wait for them to be taken out, which will probably be at my follow-up appointment with Dr H.

My chest is very bruised, but I still can’t really feel anything on the surface. It’s also got some phantom itches going on.

I’m currently chilling out in the recliner, and getting up every so often so I don’t get stiff and I keep my blood flowing. I’m also occasionally pumping my legs. Daisy sat on my lap for a few minutes, and stayed away from my incision. She missed me for sure.

That’s pretty much all I have for now. In another post, I’ll share some of the things I think may be helping me along the way, during post-op and with overall recovery.

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