Post-Op: Part IV

I think this post will bring me up to date on the post-op stuff thus far, unless I get super drowsy.

Beginning Thursday evening, once I was in my room, I’d have vital checks every hour, then every two hours, then every four hours. They’d also check my drains, incisions, and run the Doppler over my chest.

When I’m in bed, I’m open in the front with a sheet covering me. When I sit up or stand up, I wear a surgical bra for support and a camisole that has pockets to hold the drains. When I walk today, I’ll be wearing a gown as well.

Needless to say, I have zero modesty whatsoever. I’m essentially butt naked all day, which just a sheet draping over me. Just about everyone has seen the goods. It is what it is. People have seen me pee, and they’ll probably see me poop when that happens, too.

Right now I’m just trying to work on passing gas. I keep shifting to make that happen so I’m not so bloated, and it’s helping.

Also, I don’t have feeling on my chest, like the skin surface, at the moment from the leftover nerve block and the pain meds. If I apply pressure, I can feel soreness under the skin where there’s probably bruising.

I probably already mentioned at least once that where the drain goes in on the left side of my chest is sore. That’s pretty much my consistent problem area, but it’s not even that bad. It can be sharp, and probably rates a good 6-7, but it’s super quick.

I think that probably covers most of what’s been going on the last couple days. I’m still pretty sore along the incision sites, and around my breasts. Lots of gas in my stomach, too. Still draining…

I’ll update again after I have my walk, and I’ll talk about how much fun standing up is! Ha.

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