Excuse Me, Sir

I got my first “sir” at the grocery store the yesterday with Brad. I figured it would happen eventually, and it absolutely didn’t bother me. I almost laughed when the guy quickly corrected himself, but figured that would be rude. Not everyone gets my humor and he was probably more embarrassed than I was. To his credit, I was wearing a band t-shirt. I’m not sure what gave him the first clue that I was a “she.” Maybe it was the yoga pants or the pink baseball hat. *Shrugs.* The whole interaction lasted all of 15 seconds, so it’s a tiny blip on my radar and will probably happen again and again.

I know I’ve made the sir/ma’am mistake before. Everyone probably has. I guess it’s just evidence of how we expect certain people/groups to look certain ways. See someone with short hair, they have to be male! See someone with long hair, they have to be female! And so on, and so on. To each their own.

With all that being said, my hair is growing back. I’ve got about half an inch of growth on my head and it’s making it warmer! Just in time for the warmer weather…yay. And the hot flashes……….🙄 I actually had to shave my underarms! I haven’t had to do that since September. I’m not even lying. Leg hair is still dormant, which is A-OK with me. I loathe shaving my legs. There’s still that little bit of stubble from when I last shaved, the hair that didn’t fall out, but it’s not visible.

Anyway, things are certainly returning to normal over here, and I’m pleased with that! I’ve got some doctor’s appointments today, so I’ll have more information to share later on or maybe tomorrow since I have class tonight. Hopefully things will remain normal!!

2 responses to “Excuse Me, Sir”

  1. astronimasclutter Avatar

    I loath shaving my legs!

    I also think we’ve all been there on the mistake department.

    Hope you have a fabulous day.

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    1. Absolutely! I know some people get super offended by it, but I say whatever. I have hair like a dude at the moment, I get it.

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