State Park, Geocaching, Pokemon, and More!

This is a bit different from my usual posts, but Brad and I had a super fun day today and I thought I’d share about something other than that lousy six letter word to let everyone see that there is fun to be had, even when dealing with the big C.

Anywhoo, I was on a field trip Friday to a local historical site and it reminded me of how Brad and I used to do a lot of stuff like that when we first started dating. We used to get those Entertainment books that schools or charities would use as a fundraiser, the ones with all the discounts for local food and entertainment and whatnot. We would go to the forts and do other touristy things in downtown Charleston. It was one of my most favorite things…playing tourist in my own town.

We had a lot of stuff on our agenda for today. So much to do since we are moving and trying to close down the old house. Well, we decided to take a little detour to Colonial Dorchester State Park on our way, since it’s maybe 10 minutes from home, if that. It’s a nice little park with a very cheap entry fee, and you can bring your dog! Which we didn’t do since we had different errands to run that weren’t all Daisy friendly.

We did the walking tour with the park map, there are posts scattered throughout with “A,” “B,” “C,” etc. that corresponded to a different talking point for the self-guided tour. It was mainly ruins, but it was a pretty landscape.

So what started our random, left turn adventure were a few Summerville Rocks. For those who don’t know, these are small, painted rocks that people leave laying around. The rules are generally that you can take them, but you have to leave them somewhere else. If you want to keep one, you have to make one and leave it somewhere to replace the one you kept. So I was talking to my mom on the phone, trying to figure out the rules because I didn’t want to do something wrong. She mentioned geocaching in our conversation, which reminded me that I had a geocaching app!

I opened the app and voila! There was something at the park! So of course we had to find it. It was fun trying to figure it out. Then we found it and swapped an item in the box for something we had – which is what you’re supposed to do. You can take an item out of the box, but you’ve got to put something back in. This particular cache was in an ammo can, so it had lots of room for stuff.

We decided to leave after that, and as we were walking to the car, we noticed some people were playing Pokemon Go! Brad and I have the app, we like to catch Pokemon when we remember we have the app. We forgot we had the app while we were at the park. Big bummer, because when we realized it, we found that there were like 6 Pokestops at the park. Pokestops are where you can get free things, so that’s super neat because we’re super cheap. Ha. Anyway, turns out there was some Pokemon community event happening at the park and as we were leaving, the parking lot was filling up with Poke-hunters.

Then we did our errands, and on the way home we had to stop at Harris Teeter for some stuff and guess what??? Another geocache!

Anyway, it’s a super fun little thing to do. There are some that are quick park and grabs like Harris Teeter, then there are others where a little more work is required. The app I downloaded is called Geocaching and has a green logo/icon. It uses your GPS location and has a map with the geocaches pinned with dots. Most of them are green, but there are other types that are different colors. It’s definitely something you can spend an entire day doing, or something you can kill a little bit of time with. I think we’re going to plan a day where we can hit downtown Charleston and go crazy. There are a LOT down there. We may even start a few of our own!

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