I’ve decided what I want to do in terms of surgery, and I’m opting for the bilateral mastectomy.

Unfortunately, nothing will eliminate the risk of recurrence, or new cancer, so I’m going with what reduces the risks the most.

This is a two part thing.

First is the lumpectomy, which is scheduled for Tuesday, January 23rd. During the lumpectomy, whatever is left of the lump (not much according to ultrasounds and feeling around) will be removed and any of the lymph nodes connected to the breast (I forget the technical terms, but it’s the ones that connect to the ducts) will also be removed. So at some point before the surgery, they inject a dye to see which nodes “light up” and remove those. Dr. JB will do the lumpectomy. The same day, while I’m still knocked out, Dr. H will also do some cosmetic work to preserve my nipples in preparation for the reconstruction, as well as balance things out so I’m not uneven and lumpy for the next several months.

Part two of the process is the actual mastectomy and reconstruction. Dr. JB will do the mastectomy, and Dr. H will do the reconstruction. The reconstruction will use belly fat, and I described all that in a previous post so I won’t go through it all again. But this will take place three months after the lumpectomy, per insurance guidelines…so some time in May.

The recovery for the lumpectomy is about two weeks, give or take. There will be drains (yay, vomit) for some of that time. So I’m pretty much out of commission as far as filling in shifts for work and anything else physical for the rest of February.

I’m hoping for smooth sailing! I’m totally over all the yucky parts of this disease, so I don’t particularly care to deal with any more of it!

In other news, my former supervisor at my last admin job, K, is sending us some meals over so we don’t have to worry about food for a little while following the surgery. It’ll be nice to have one less thing to think about and have to do! People have been amazing and supportive, and we appreciate it so much.

2 responses to “Surgery”

  1. Cousin Debbie in NY Avatar
    Cousin Debbie in NY

    Hi Jennifer:

    What your doing as far as the surgery would be my choice too.

    We will be praying for a smooth surgery this week and a swift, uneventful recovery.

    Love & prayers from your Cousins in NY

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