Chemo & Gas

Guess what this post is about?

It’s about gas.


Everybody does it, so why can’t we talk about it?

I posted in the beginning about chemo brain, how I didn’t know if it was a thing, but if it wasn’t it should be. (And for the record, it totally is a thing that people going through chemo understand, and those close to them understand as well.) Well, the same goes for chemo farts. I don’t know if they’re a thing, but if they’re not they should be.

And they’re terrible!!!!!

This cycle they were the absolute worst though. I think I nearly killed Brad a few times. It’s not intentional, it just happens.

Something to understand…when you’re dealing with the lower digestive issues I’ve been dealing with, you have to be super careful when passing gas because there’s always the chance that it’s not gas.

Some of Brad’s wisest words were, and still are, “If you have the squirts, don’t fart.” Maybe not something someone should be memorialized for, but it’s very good advice nonetheless.

But yeah, chemo farts.

It’s a thing. A terrible, terrible thing.

And there’s not a thing you can do about it either!

2 responses to “Chemo & Gas”

  1. Cousin Debbie in NY Avatar
    Cousin Debbie in NY

    Oooooo yeah—your post just brought it all screaming back to me. When our son was in chemo, the nurses gave us a can of Citrace deodorizer & germicide spray (made by Clorox) to take home. We ended up buying a few cans online! Very useful -orange citrus smell helped a great deal with the ‘air biscuits”💩 as they were affectionately referred to, LOL. I even carried a spray can in my rolling knapsack which I had for him 24/7 during chemo & radiation for those horrifying moments when as he put it he had “an escapee!” I tried to inconspicuously and quickly release a few strategic sprays when required. It’s amazing how stealthy I became with that spray can!

    On the bright side, I can tell you that it does go away after chemo so hang in there and PLEEEZ keep a sense of humor – you too Brad! 💜😊

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    1. Hahaha I love this!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣😂🤣😂


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