Chemo Pimples :-/

I thought I got over breakouts when I exited puberty.

Well, that’s a lie. It seems I have never been completely without breakouts, but they certainly haven’t been puberty level bad in a long, long time…like 20 years a long time.

Until now.

Thank you, chemo. Thank you for the chemo pimples.

What is a chemo pimple? I’ll tell you. (And no, I promise this isn’t going to be a gross post…well, any more gross than talking about pimples is in general.)

So, chemo pimples sort of look like regular pimples, only they are hard and they hurt and they can’t really be popped. They feel like a little grain of sand under the skin. And they are little red devils from hell.

And they turn up everywhere!

I have them on my face, my forehead, my head, the back of my neck, my back, my chest…everywhere.

They show up near the end of week two, beginning of week three, of each of my chemo cycles, so about 2 weeks post-chemo.

They don’t respond to acne treatment, these mutant chemo pimples. And I have tried to pop them, but even if I make progress on that front, nothing really happens. They don’t go away.

It figures they show up right when I start to feel well enough to rejoin society.

Concealer, foundation, scarfs looooooow on my forehead…


I mean come on, chemo…..we’re already bald, pale, and generally feel like garbage, gotta make us pizza faces, too?

So there…that’s my rant for today. ❤

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