4 down, 2 to go!

The finish line is near! I should have chemo again December 18 and then January 8th, and then I’ll be done.

Yesterday was good. Same old, same old. I feel pretty good today. Don’t want to jinx anything so that’s all I’ll say.

The counts for my liver were a little higher than last time. Could be the chemo, could be the two glasses of wine I had last week, could be the fatty foods. We’ll watch it and I’ll get back on track. I really just let myself go hog wild last week for the holiday, and I don’t regret it one bit. I had a great time and enjoyed the heck out of food.

I’m currently hanging out in the waiting room, getting ready for my Neulasta shot. Then I have to head down to campus to meet my professor to see where I’m at and what he thinks I can do as far as finishing the course, and whether I’ll be able to start the second course in the sequence in January. I sure hope so. Of course, I also have to deal with surgeries in the Spring and Summer semesters. What a pain in the neck!!

And speaking of pains in the neck…I so badly need to visit the chiropractor!!

That’s all for now! Shot time.

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