Chemo Brain Is For The Birds

I’ll be doing something and forget what I’m doing. I’ll be talking to someone and just trail off. My reflexes and reaction times suck, one of the reasons I stay home from work during hell week – no one needs to be on the road with my chemo brain behind the wheel.

I can’t concentrate enough to read, even for pleasure. Same with writing, just can’t put the thoughts together. 

It was better this last cycle, and I think that had something to do with taking a lower dose of steroids. But it still wasn’t great. I was just less lightheaded and spacey, but still a bit of a spaz. 

So funny story, sort of. 

Background: I forget to do stuff. All. The. Time. When I was home during my last hell week, every day I told myself “do this, do that.” I never did it because I never remembered. Simple stuff, too, like checking the mail or pulling meat out to thaw. So I finally made a list so I wouldn’t forget. Worked like a charm. 

Back to the sort of funny story…the other day I went to the grocery store…without a list! I was so incredibly lost. I went there with the specific purpose of getting ingredients for sliders. I spent a really long time shopping for fruit, browsing the ice cream, texting my BFF, and wandering around trying to remember what went on the sliders. Each slider had like three ingredients, and it just wouldn’t compute. I wish I’d been wearing my FitBit because I bet I logged some serious steps in there from walking back and forth across the store.

Moral of the story, make a list! Always make a list! 

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