Cycle Two Update 

I can’t remember if I mentioned that when I met with Dr YB before my chemo, we talked about my symptoms and side effects, and he recommended only taking half the prescription steroid I take the three days following chemo. The reason for this was because a) it seemed like several of my symptoms could be a direct result of the steroid, and b) not all people need the steroid.

So the question is, have I noticed much of a difference with that change? I’m less foggy, lightheaded, and fatigued. That’s been wonderful, because it has allowed me to be more active. I made dinner twice this week! Last cycle, I was horizontal.

As far as my digestive tract, it’s nearly identical to last cycle. I warded off potential nausea the night of/morning after chemo with the Zofran. I had one BM Tuesday night after chemo, nothing since. I have Mirolax to take tomorrow if things don’t happen in that department. We all know how I appreciate regularity in my life. Ha! I also have a lot of heartburn, Thursday in particular. I took some pepto, and later an over-the-counter heartburn medicine, with some relief, but not a lot. Tried to sleep in a reclined position to ward off discomfort. Worked a little, not a ton, especially when I was woken up by some jackass in a pickup truck with no muffler, messing around on the road behind my house. Thanks, dude. Appreciate it at midnight.

What else? Ah! After chemo on Tuesday, I napped for about two hours. After the first cycle, when I woke up every couple hours throughout the night, I decided I would allow myself a nap, damn Benadryl, but wouldn’t go to bed for the night until later, like 11:00pm. So that’s what I did. Or tried to do. But I never slept!!! I was up ALL. Night. Long. And Wednesday, I was functional on no sleep. I worked two sessions. Then I went for the Neulasta shot and the MA (same sweet gal I had last cycle for labs who got me fluids!!) told me it was the steroid drip I had the day before. That can disrupt your sleep. Yay…not. If there’s anything I like more than food, it’s sleep.

I slept fine Wednesday night. Woohoo!

Appetite has been fine, and I’ve been able to continue to drink water. By the end of the first week of my first chemo cycle, I was already having trouble drinking water because the taste was salty. I loaded up on juices and stuff this time around because I wanted to have an alternative to water in case that aversion comes back, and so far I prefer the water, which is great! I hope it lasts.

Dry skin on my hands. Annoying. The top layer of skin is cracking a little bit on the sides and knuckles and it just peels and peels and peels. I’m using lotion, but it doesn’t really seem preventable at this point since it’s already peeling. It’s annoying, but not causing discomfort or pain.

Less tingling this time around. I think the tingling was the hair follicles dying everywhere, so I’m guessing since they’re already dead, that’s not going to happen in the same way. Taxotere is no joke! That’s the chemo drug that generates all the excitement. It’s a pain in the butt, but it’s killing my cancer, so it’s a small price to pay!

So that pretty much sums it up so far. I feel like it’s been less eventful, but I haven’t hit that 7-10 day mark yet, and that will be the true test. That’s when the appetite left the building last cycle and I was probably less than pleasant to live with. Here’s hoping that water and me continue to get along, at the very least, and that some of the easy foods I purchased in anticipation of that part of the cycle work out!

2 responses to “Cycle Two Update ”

  1. I’m sure you’ve tried this for your dry skin,but just in case. Have you tried olive oil? You can also use Vaseline
    , but that requires a lot of rubbing. Just pour the olive oil on and then use a pair on cotton socks to keep the body heat in and not make a mess. I usually do this at night for obvious reasons. Good luck.

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    1. I haven’t tried olive oil! The medical assistant at my oncologist’s office suggested coconut oil, which I don’t have on hand, but I do have olive oil. I’m going to try it. 🙂 Thank you!


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