The Port

The port has been placed, below you can see my battle scars from this procedure. 

I had to be at Roper downtown at 6:00am. Yowza! We made it by about 6:07, getting out of the house before 5:30am just isn’t something I do. *Shrugs unapologetically.* Check-in was quick, and we were sent to the 7th floor. I was in the surgical waiting room for a few minutes before being taken to my pre-op room where I put on the snazzy hospital gown and relaxed. The nurses did vitals, asked questions, hooked up my IV, and put on compression sock things for my calves (love!!!). The anesthesiologist came in, ran through his stuff, and I told him anesthesia is wonderful, of which I’m a firm believer! My surgeon came in, Dr. JB, marked me up (x marks the spot!), and I waited a little bit to be taken to the OR. The anesthesiologist returned, said he was going to shoot some medicine into my IV, it made me a little loopy, the medical team chatted about chart stuff I didn’t understand. Then I woke up in recovery! Seriously, it was that quick. I think I said something about being loopy, then I was gone, apparently. I love general anesthesia. ❤️❤️❤️ So I slowly woke up, had some cranberry juice and an ice pack on the port site. Got dressed. My ride arrived, and I got discharge instructions. I took a wheelchair back down, and I was out of there. Stopped for a late breakfast on the way home, and now I’m resting comfortably in my bed. 

So the port site looks gnarly, I know. It’ll heal. The glue will wash off eventually, too. I’m out of commission for 24 hours due to the anesthesia. Fun times. I’m pretty tired, so I’ll probably nap. I’m sure it’s partially due to the anesthesia, and partially due to waking up at 5:00am. Prescription for pain meds has been dropped off, Brad will pick it up on his way home.

So in between the hole in my neck and the hole in my chest (I highlighted the line in the image below), there’s a tube under the skin, and you can feel it. It’s pretty neat. If you want to learn more about ports, here’s a link. I don’t know that it’s the exact one that I have, but it’s likely similar and might tell you better info than I can. I do have paperwork on my port, I just don’t feel like getting up to look at it at the moment.

I’m excited (and exhausted) about the port. I’m going to name it, but I’m not sure what yet. Judi, a super graphic designer I know, named her port Pete the Port, so of course I have to name mine now. Can’t let JP have all the glory. So I’ll be thinking on that and will report back when I’ve got something. Anyway, the reason I’m excited isn’t just because I’m going to name the port, but because the port allows for easy access for the chemo! Yay. No more poking and picking at my arms, which will be especially useful for the days when I’m not super hydrated, and my veins aren’t cooperating. 

I have a prescription for lidocaine cream, I think I’ve mentioned that before, which I will apply before chemo to numb the skin over the port. 

So that’s about it for port day. I feel good, but tired. No pain at the moment, but I’m still using the reusable ice pack from the hospital (this thing is nifty, I’ll take a picture of it later!) and I’m sure I’m still feeling the effects of the anesthesia, too. I’m going to nap, maybe read a little (I can finally focus enough to actually read a book, rather than just listen to the audiobooks!! Victory!!), and relax. 

2 responses to “The Port”

  1. Hey Jen…Just wanted to say hi and to let you know that I am thinking of you and praying for you! I hope you feel better and that you have a good day. Enjoy your nap…I am jealous….I love me some naps…lol!!!! I enjoy reading about your journey and your spirit through this journey. Thank you so much for sharing! Love, Trisha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Trisha! ❤️


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