Oh, Crystal Light, how you’ve saved me!

Water has been a struggle. 

It started with a metallic taste, which I partially attributed to my metal thermal cup, but I know is also mostly due to the chemo drugs.

Then, after I changed bottles, it was the flavor. It just tasted weird. Glass or plastic, it didn’t matter.

So Brad made me cucumber water. That lasted for one whole day until I got sick of it. 

Powerade and Gatorade were also out of the question due to flavor issues. I even tried a strawberry watermelon Crystal Light and various lemonades. Soda was too much and tea was ok, but limited due to the caffeine.

So how the heck am I going to take in all these fluids I’m supposed to?

I finally made a different Crystal Light drink and voila! I’ve already drank three glasses in a period of a few hours. May not seem like much of a feat, but when I was literally having maybe three glasses ALL day, having three glasses in three hours is amazing.

So, thank you Crystal Light, for your cherry pomegranate drink mix. It is seriously the first beverage that has penetrated my broke ass taste buds!! 

2 responses to “Oh, Crystal Light, how you’ve saved me!”

  1. Good job! Persistence is key! 💜

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