All I wanted was a cup of hot tea!

When I’m super tired, I crash early, then wake early. Not fun. I love to sleep in, and can’t seem to. 

Anyway, this occurred last night, while I was all backed up. Hooray. So all I wanted was some yummy warm tea, because it would provide much needed hydration and could help with my stomach woes. I got this great ginger lemon tea when we went to Jamaica, and thought this was the perfect opportunity. 

Pictured above, is the first attempt at hot tea. Seriously, what is my cup doing? I put the water in and tucked it into the microwave, then voila! The mug bleeds brown sticky crap. What is that?!

Moving on…I attempt a second cup, and the tea bag explodes into the water, spreading ginger chunks and leaves throughout the cup. 


Eventually, I got it right, after taking a good thirty minute break on the couch with an audiobook and spider solitaire.

And………It worked! I am free and clear, digestively. šŸ˜‰ Woohoo!!

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