Chemo Brain – Is that even a thing?

I’m doing pretty well. I haven’t had any really bad side effects beside some stomach cramping, which I took Pepto for. The stomach cramping would have most likely led to diarrhea, and seeing as though I was driving to work (a session with a kid), it wasn’t exactly the most ideal time to be experiencing that. So, yeah…

(For anyone who is keeping track, it’s been 30 hours since my last BM…I’m not happy about that, but it’s better than having the runs. At least to me, at this moment. And now that I’ve written that out, I just know my doctor is going to yell at me for not telling him I haven’t had a BM in 30 hours. Ugh.)

Anyway, the only thing that’s been pretty persistent is tiredness. I would love to nap, all the time, but because I’d also love to sleep through the night, I’m trying to last until 9:00 or 10:00. When I went to bed at 10:00, I wake up every couple hours and am restless throughout the night. Not fun. But I know I need my rest, so I’m trying to be flexible and fit in naps after work when I can.

Today, I feel like I’ve been hit by chemo brain. I seriously haven’t looked it up, so I don’t know if it’s a real thing or not, but I imagine I’m not the only chemo patient out there who has experienced it. To best describe it – it’s like I’m buzzed. Not drunk. I’m still alert and capable, but I’m a little spacey, sort of feeling good, but it’s just not the right time to feel buzzed. Almost like a fog…

Today, I wrote down an August date…twice. I caught myself and fixed it, but still. Oh! And typos, lots of typos, too. Thank goodness for auto-correct and spell check! I had to add a note to my professor for my assignment submission today because I read and re-read it, and it looks and sounds OK, but who knows? I’m apparently not the best judge of anything today.

So yeah…chemo brain. I hope this isn’t an ongoing thing. It arrived on Wednesday morning, 2 days post-chemo and 1 day post-Neulasta. We’ll see how long it lasts…

Hehe, and seeing Neulasta typed makes me think of Nutella… See what I mean? It’s just not normal.

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