Chemo Cycle Day Two: Neulasta Injection

First, an update on how I’m feeling after the first day of chemo. I feel good. I’m tired, but I haven’t yet experienced any of the side effects. I know some of that is still to come (possibly) in 7-10 days, but for now I feel good. 

And a shout-out to Nurse L, who did my IV and ran my chemo for me yesterday. After 8 hours being juiced up, I expected at least a little bruising, but nada! Can you spot the entry point for the IV?

Check it out!

Pretty awesome! Next time, I’ll have the port and it’ll all go through there. 

I could have fallen asleep last night at 8:00pm, but decided to stay up so I wouldn’t wake up throughout the night. So I went to bed at 10, and still woke up at midnight, 3:00, 5:00, etc. But I felt good this morning anyway. I had some stomach cramping, felt sort of like gas pains, and took Pepto to ward that off. Success! Took some more after lunch just to be safe. I have Imodium as well, but I don’t take those until things get, ahem, loose, so I will do my best to avoid getting to that point. Plus, I swear by Pepto. The cherry chewables, even store brand, ah-mazing. Appetite is fine, stayed crazy hydrated all day, good to go!

So the Neulasta shot is what is supposed to work my immune system, lifting the white cell count, which will be measured next Tuesday morning. Hopefully the Neulasta will do its thing. 

This was a quick shot. I was at the office for about 30 minutes total, and the shot (into the fatty part of my arm) took less than 5 minutes. It was a shame I had to miss class for that, but it had to be done 24 hours after completion of the chemo and that was smack in the middle of Objective Assessment. But I did have a friend drop by to say hi while I was there, so all was not lost! Thanks, Andi!

Side effects to expect is soreness in my long bones, like upper arms and upper legs, and back…where the bone marrow is at. This is the reason I’m taking the Claritin, apparently it provides some relief to this symptom! Who knew?

And a little crappy humor for you…courtesy of my sister generating a meme from something I said via text after a compelling conversation about my bowels. 

2 responses to “Chemo Cycle Day Two: Neulasta Injection”

  1. Can you take the Neulasta OnPro so you don’t have to go into the doctor for a shot the next day? What is the difference between each kind.

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    1. Good question. I have no clue, but I’ll ask! My guess is that the dose of the shot may be more aggressive? I don’t know. But I’ll definitely find out!!


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