Full Day 1 Chemo Update

What a long day!! Eight hours, ugh. The recliner was comfy, the company amusing, and the view pretty. The West Ashley location is very nice, but I’ll probably be switching to the Trident place since it’s closer to home.

No, didn’t see an alligator, but may have seen a snake.

Moving on.

After the stuff I posted previously, I had more stuff! Lots more stuff. The first was dripped for 90 minutes, then a break for 30 minutes. Next was about 45 minutes of premeds (steroid, Benadryl, anti-nausea, etc.), then finally the actual chemo drugs (the morning stuff were hormones). 

The IV in the arm was weird and uncomfortable at times, but mostly because I have a hard time sitting still so I keep bumping it. I didn’t really feel anything when the meds went in. I did feel a coolness when they did the saline flush between drugs. I was free to use the restroom, eat, walk around. I did a little bit of everything, particularly eat. 

We also played a game of Phase 10, which I won! 

Brad picked up lunch for us from DD Peckers at noon, it was good. I had some kind of Cajun chicken sandwich, he had a cheesesteak. 

I did get exhausted, too exhausted to read at some points, due to the Benadryl. I was able to nap for a few minutes here and there, but it’s hard for me to sleep with the noises (machines beep when bags need changing, or errors), and in the position I was in. My back and neck are going to hate me tomorrow. HATE. 

The temperature of the room was pretty nice. I did pull out my watermelon socks (which got a lot of compliments) and blanket at one point, but by the afternoon I was warmer. 

So the side effects are pretty overwhelming! Just imagine those commercials you see for cold medicine or something, then you know how at the end they add all those things that the drug can cause? Jeez. I’m glad I have it all on a sheet because I would not remember all that. 

I have to stay hydrated. It’s likely I’ll have diarrhea (sorry, but sh*t happens), and nausea. I have anti-nausea meds, and the nurse recommended Imodium for the upset tum. The rest of the potential side effects are ridonkulous, so I won’t list them all here, but in a previous post I linked the drugs I’m getting with some kind of drug fact info sheet. The “bad days” are usually the 7th to 10th days after chemo, so early next week we’ll see how I feel. Right now I feel slightly bloated and exhausted. 

My hair is probably going to be making a departure in about 3 weeks. I’ll save that for another post (The Pros of Losing My Hair, because silver lining, people!).

Chemo Day 1 is in the books!

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