Coming at you LIVE from Chemo Day 1

Kidding, I’m not live live. I’m just sitting in my comfy recliner, hooked up to the drugs, and hanging out with hubs.

So the first thing will drip in over 60 minutes, then I’ll get a 60 minute break. Then the next, and the next, and so on. I’ll be here about 8 hours today. 

My chemo bag is packed! It’s really cute, too. Kindle, paperbacks, computer, iPad, games, blanket, etc. Plus, we’ve got a cooler with snacks. Yay. 

Brad’s been a real trooper…getting me this and that, and sitting in an uncomfortable folding chair for the entire day. 

Since I don’t have a port yet, I’m getting the chemo through a vein in my arm. The port placement is scheduled for October 3rd, which will be before my next chemo treatment.

So I’m going to start reading my book, now, Ghosted by JM Darhower. I’ll post a full day recap later tonight or tomorrow!

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