Flashback: The Specialist, Another Ultrasound, and The Biopsy

Caution: Image at bottom of post. Kind of gnarly looking. No nudity, I have some modesty. (Not much left though!)


But let me back up.

“Concerning” is the term that was used to describe the images from the mammogram and ultrasound when I went to see my original doctor after the mammogram. I was immediately referred out to a specialist, a breast surgeon, who my doc/NP (Nurse J, I will call her going forward) highly recommended. I was able to be seen right away, which was amazing in and of itself considering it was a Friday and it’s damn near impossible to do anything on a Friday around Charleston.

Dr. JB (not to be confused with JP) is as fantastic as I was made to believe, and for that I am so incredibly grateful, and her office staff is wonderful. She’s so positive and she makes me feel positive, too, even though I am still not sure I truly know how I’m supposed to feel about all this.

So she did an ultrasound, and for the first time, I met JP. Stupid little black shadow that he is. He is sort of shaped like a boomerang, though not as slim, more like an elongated kidney shape? Maybe? I don’t freaking know. He’s there, let’s leave it at that.

Next up…biopsy…it seriously all happened that quickly. I was numbed up and biopsied. It only hurt a little bit, that’s the honest truth…a pinch when they injected the numbing agent…it was more the vibrations of what I knew was going on that was unnerving. Also some loud little snaps as they snatched up pieces of JP — I assume that’s what the snapping sound was. I didn’t ask. I was trying not to freak out at the needle in my boob.

So the biopsy was complete and I left Dr. JB’s with a slightly bleeding boob and lots of words of encouragement. She’s a wonderful person. She said all the right things and really didn’t give me the opportunity to feel discouraged. She told me I was going to get through this, that there was lots of support out there for me, and everything would be all right.

I believed her, still do. It’s hard not to.




This is a couple days after the biopsy. Lots of bruising and tenderness. You can see the small slash from where they went in.

2 responses to “Flashback: The Specialist, Another Ultrasound, and The Biopsy”

  1. Elaine Luther Avatar
    Elaine Luther

    Did you have a permanent scar after the biopsy?

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    1. Honestly, I don’t remember. It was a tiny hole though, so I’m sure if I did it was just a small circle. It was a needle biopsy, and the needle was about as thick as the ink tube inside a pen, so that’s about how big the hole/scab was. I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction (flap DIEP mastectomy) so the area where the biopsy scar was looks different because of the scars from that surgery.


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